About Us

Green Valley Motors makes products for people with an active lifestyle

Based in West Bengal, India, we’ve been making solutions for electric vehicles since 2015.

Catering to the common day-to-day transportation requirements of people these technologically strong and advanced vehicles are not only reliable and durable but also highly cost-effective. The primary reason why we recommend this product to the world is its strength, comfort, low-cost maintenance, high return on investment, and durability. Simply put the batteries on charge in the night and have your vehicle ready to operate in the morning. It ensures zero pollution and is gearless and very easy to operate.

Our Origin

Developed in West Bengal, India by Pranav Agarwal, Green Valley Motors was brought to market through the power of the internet.

We, at Green Valley Motors specialize in the manufacture, assembly, supply, exporting, and distribution of battery-operated passenger vehicles like e-rickshaws and e-loaders all across India. We offer our products under the brand name GVM. These eco-friendly battery-operated vehicles can accommodate up to 6 passengers comfortably and ensure zero fuel and CNG costs.

Our showroom at Liluah, Howrah in West Bengal, has the latest models displayed in a variety of colors for you to go for a test drive. We also offer ICAT certified e rickshaws and e loaders. 


Eco Friendly - Contributes to a greener environment, zero fossil fuel consumption.

Government Approved - Easy and safe traffic management, regulated speed, a motorized vehicle which is duly registered &  approved by ICAT.

Generates Employment - Employment Generation of the rural youth - Minimum skill set required, easy to operate, less maintenance as fewer parts, no oil filters & coolants.

Noble Mode of Transport - E-Rickshaw replaces the inhuman mode of transport the hand-pulled rickshaws. The government has launched initiatives replacing hand-pulled rickshaws with e-rickshaws.

State Approvals - Have approvals in Haryana, Odisha, Delhi, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Tripura, and Uttar Pradesh


In the very near future, we are also coming in a two-wheeler segment known as E-Bike.

Our variation in three-wheelers and four-wheelers like Mobile Kitchen Van, School 

Van, Garbage Van, Grocer Van, Vegetable Van has already hit the roads with great

success. We are looking for District wise Authorized Dealers/Sub Dealers all across the world to be a part of this movement of pollution-free, eco-friendly, and cost effective transportation.